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wedding day package

a.half-day package MOP5,000​​

  • 5-hours shooting(1 Photographer)

  • Edition high-resolution JPG files (Unlimited number of photos)

  • Wooden USB

b.half-day package MOP8,000

  • 5-hours shooting(1 Photographer & 1 Videographer)

  • Edition high-resolution JPG files (Unlimited number of photos)

  • Wedding highlight video (About 5 minutes)

  • Wedding documentary video(About 20 minutes)

  • Wooden USB

c.full-day package MOP14,200​​

  • 15-hours shooting(2 Photographer)

  • Edition high-resolution JPG files (Unlimited number of photos)

  • SED photos Slideshow

  • Wooden USB

D.full-day package MOP21,800

  • 15-hours shooting(2 Photographer & 2 Videographer & 1 assistant)​

  • Edition high-resolution JPG files (Unlimited number of photos)

  • SED highlight video (About 5 minutes)

  • SED photos Slideshow

  • Wedding documentary video(About 30 minutes)

  • Wooden USB

Terms and Conditions

1. Shooting date and deposit

  • Customers need to pay MOP 3000 as the reservation. After the quotation, the relevant schedule will be reserved for 3 days until the deposit is received. The balance should be paid by bank transfer on the day of shooting.

  • The shooting plan is valid for 6 months from the date of payment of the deposit. The deposit is non-refundable but transferable.

  • The shooting date can be changed at least 1 month before the shooting date or due to weather (the date must be within 3 months after the original shooting date).

2. During Shooting 

  • If the shooting time is before 8:00 in the morning, an additional $300 per staff will be required;

  • The shooting location can be transferred at any time during the service hours, and the transfer time is also counted in the shooting time.

  • Due to the tight schedule of the filming, please prepare transportation for the staff;

  • SDE video is about five minutes. The videographer will bring a laptop to cut the video. Please reserve 4 hours for the production. It is recommended to include the clip before 3 pm.

  • For wedding photography services of 10 hours or more, the client must provide two meals for staffs. If not, staffs may have 1 hour meal break per meal. Meal breaks are counted within the shooting time.

3. Photo Production

  • The production for edited photos and video is 40 days, including light and shade, toning, cropping, and correction etc.

  • Edited & retouched photos can be revised up to 2 times, including primary and secondary, and the time for each revision is 15 days.

  • The electronic files of photos will be kept for 3 months after delivery.

4. Additional fees

  • The additional retouched photos is $80 per piece, $350/5 photos, we will not accept unreasonable photos retouching requirements.

  • The shooting time is calculated from the appointment time, and extra $650 per staff per hour for overtime shooting (more than 15 minutes is half an hour, and more than half an hour is one hour).

  • If customers do not want to share photos, they can also +500 to buy.

5. Other terms & conditions

  • If we lose photo or video file due to force majeure, the maximum compensation amount is limited to the total amount of the shooting.

  • The photo copyright is owned by us, and the portrait rights are owned by the customer.

  • We hold the final right of explanation.

  • Please read and fully understood the terms & conditions. When customers pay the deposit, you acknowledge that you agree to observe and be bound by the same.

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